DSIIDC Housing Scheme
Industrial Workers

Location & Cost of Flats
Location Type Pinth Area (Sq.Mtrs.) Cost of Flats (Rs.)
Bawana Type I 31.60 5,13,845.00
Type II 37.73 6,04,509.00
Narela Type I 31.93 7,20,695.00
Type III 39.74 9,47,758.00

How to Apply:
  • The details of the scheme of Housing for Industrial Workers are available at http://www.dsiidc.org under "Whats New"

  • For applying online, the applicant is required to visit DSIIDC website i.e. http://www.dsiidc.org under "Whats New"

  • Brochure and application form can be downloaded from DSIIDC website and payment of application form shall be added in the registration deposit

  • The Housing scheme is open w.e.f. 01/12/2020 and closes on 28/02/2021